The First Korean Cookie Shop in The Netherlands!

Pre-order now our weekly cookie menu!

Please keep in mind we changed our logo. Our packaging might have our old logo on it. Sorry for inconvenience.

Handmade by 언니 ♥︎

How it works?

Each Monday the menu will be rotated. Order from Mon-Sat.

The cookies will be sent out in the following week on Thursday.

Please note you always order 1 week in advance.

minimum order: €12

approved by my mom 엄마

Our ugly cookies are 100% approved by my own Asian Umma. Our cookies are ideal for people who do not have a sweet tooth, like my mom and I.

the best for you

Our ugly cookies are made with premium ingredients, like organic matcha and couverture chocolate from Callebaut.

YES to “not too sweet” Asian-mum-approved cookies

Our Korean Style Cookies are named "Ugly Cookies" because we don't make any 'perfect' looking cookies.

"No matter what makes you choose to give someone cookies, I know that it will definitely make their day much 'uglier' ." ー̤̮

Our cookies are created to be enjoyed at all ages. 𐀪𐁑︎

Our little backstory

Beginning 2021, I started my homebakery as as side business while having a ft 9-5 job and in March 2022, we expanded to our own production space and I quit my job. We could not do this without your support.

Every detail in the shop took me a lot of hours research and decision-making. It’s honestly a lot of effort but I’m really happy when the result comes out as imagined.

With my mom & aunt help of making cookies and my dad handling the deliveries, there’s an incredible amount of love that goes into creating each and every cookie.

Our vision will always be delivering premium homemade Korean ugly cookies approved by my Asian mom’s sweetness (and mine). I love to create and that is something I enjoy.

I’m so grateful for everyone who crosses our path on this journey and hope that we as a team can share a bit of sweetness into this world.